Tell us about the potential of badges


Over the next couple of months, members of our group will be drawing together online focus groups of people who are involved in college and university admissions, as well as those whose primary role is hiring, to see how they might assess new forms of credentials, including those represented by badges. Few have direct experience with this at this stage, but we want to look at parallels and systems that might influence the ways in which people might interpret badges in contexts where they are being assessed.

If you are (or you know) someone currently working in admissions, preferably undergraduate admissions at US institutions, please go to this form to indicate your interest in participating in a focus group.

Likewise, if you work in human resources and have primary responsibility for evaluating candidates, please go to this form to indicate your interest.

The focus groups will be held in small group video chats and last about 1.5 hours. It will hopefully be an interesting conversation with your peers, and we will also provide a $50 amazon card as a thank you for your time.

(Image from Mike Smail

Badge Assessment